Learn how to stop snacking while working from home

Working from home has its perks, but potentially gaining weight isn’t one. Just steps from the kitchen, it is easy to grab a tiny snack here, an apple there, and so on. Mindless eating can lead to overeating before you know it. Learn how to curb appetite and change your patterns, to avoid gaining weight when you make the transition to working from home.

5 Tips to Stop Snacking When Working From Home

Drink Water

Water has many benefits in weight loss, including digestion and muscle function. Keep your favorite glass or water bottle with you at your desk so that you can sip all day. If you don’t have a favorite cup, go ahead and splurge the more you like the glass the more you will drink from it.

One way that water helps curb appetite is by filling up space within the stomach. This tricks the brain of feeling fullness and reduces hunger. Most times when you think that we are hungry…we may actually just be thirsty. So the next time you get the feeling that you are hungry try drinking a glass of water. Then wait 30 minutes and see if you really are hungry.

Pre-plan Your Meals

Meal prepping has swept the nation. If you have the time and mindset, go for it!

But for the rest of us, meal prepping can be draining. Slaving in the kitchen all Sunday so that you can microwave your grilled chicken and tasteless veggies for the remainder of the week.

Instead, try to mentally “meal prep” for the day ahead. Every night before going to bed, or first thing when you wake up, pre-plan what you will eat for the day. Satiate your mind with the wonderful flavors and your appetite for snacking will stay at bay knowing what you have in store for the next meal.

Eat Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Working just steps away from your kitchen it is easy to graze all day. Waking up you might make a smoothie and then grab a handful of nuts and berries. A few hours later, a bag of popcorn, some peanut butter and apple, and so on until it is 8 pm and you have never sat down and had a real balanced meal.

Eat your three main meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plan these meals out ahead of time. Find interesting and fun recipes that excite you for what is next. Make sure that you are having these proper meals so that you avoid the day-long snacking.


Maintain a Routine

Try to stick to the same routine that you would when you were working in an office. As mentioned in the previous tip, have a set time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It is important to not skip meals as that can lead to overeating. Mentally prep your meals ahead of time and stick to your daily menu.

Keep Food Out of Your Workspace

You have stocked your drawer with pens, sticky notes, office supplies—and chocolate candy bars. Keeping temptation right next to you is a surefire way to overindulge. Leave all guilty pleasures in the kitchen pantry. This way you can still access them in case of emergencies but in the time it takes you to physically get up and get it you may decide you don’t really need it.

Try only allowing yourself to get at the dining table. This will force you to unplug from the computer and your phone to consciously eat. Without the distraction of technology you will be able to truly enjoy yours meal and understand when your stomach is actually full.

Cover Photo by Oluwaseun Duncan from Pexels