Productivity Tips for Working from Home

Congratulations, you’ve convinced your boss to let you work remotely! Now what? For all of you that have scored the work from home life, today we are going to run through some tips and tricks on how to stay productive when working from home.

Tips for How to Stay Productive When Working From Home:

1. Wake Up Early

The upside in working from home is that you can essentially create your own schedule. A flexible schedule is amazing when you use it for your advantage. By waking up early you are able to set yourself up for success. Whether that be waking up and heading to the gym (like me). Getting in morning meditation. Or cranking through some emails before clients/customers wake up and you are the first one in their inbox.

What time will you plan to start your day?

2. Create a Routine

Your work life can quickly and easily become your home life if you let it. Create a routine…and stick to it. Below is an example of my daily morning routine:

  • 5:30 am – Wake up, brush teeth, exercise
  • 6:45 am – Brew coffee, shower, get dressed (including hair and makeup), walk the dog
  • 7:45 am – Write my to-do list and login to my computer
  • 8:00 am – Start work

Give yourself a specific start and end time for each day. Make sure that when you are in working mode you are working and not doing laundry, and visa versa when you are in home life turn off your email and alerts to spend time with your family.

Rituals allow you to make transitions with minimal emotional and mental turbulence. Yours might look just like mine or have a little bit more flair. The important thing is that you find a routine that works for you and you stick to it!

3. Write Out a To-Do List

Pick a medium. I love the good olde’ fashion pen and paper but if you haven’t picked up a pen in a while then fear not: there is a huge range of digital apps that can help with creating to-do lists. Just remember, writing your to-do list shouldn’t take all morning. Keep it simple. Start with the most important tasks to the least important. You will want to note which tasks need to get done today or the next day to make sure that you stay within timelines.

4. Create a Designated Workspace

Working from bed or the couch sounds like a great idea. You can prop up the pillows and create a comfy pillow desk, right? But trust me when I say this is not a good idea. By working from the bed then there are no boundaries between sleep, work, and relaxation time. It will all just blur together which is not great for your work-life balance.

Go out purchase a desk and supportive yet comfortable chair (or bike desk) that you can actually get work done at. Set yourself up for success in a place where you can focus on your tasks and projects.

5. Act Like You Are in The Office

What are you commuting into the city to get to work or just commuting down the hall you’re still going to work. Get dressed… and yes, that means more than a blazer and sweatpants on the bottom. Every morning, take a shower, do your hair and makeup. Take your job seriously and others will take you seriously as well.

6. Give Yourself Breaks and Go Outside

The workweek is a marathon, not a sprint. Without the office side conversations and “quick” coffee breaks with a coworker that turns into an hour-long outing, you can easily blast through your tasks for the week in a mere three days. Keeping yourself motivated through two more days, especially Friday is less than easy.

Sprinkle in 5-10 minute breaks though out the day. Take a walk around the block, do some air squats or even make your grocery list. Give your eyes and mind a break. I take my dog for a walk before I start work, at lunch, mid-afternoon and after work. I either leave my phone at my house or I bring along my air pods and zone out to a podcast. These mini-breaks will keep you fueled and ready to take on the full week without getting burnt out by Wednesday.

Now that you are remote your life is going to change a lot (and for the better). At first it might be a little hard to stay productive but if you follow these 6 tips your transition will be a seamless. Comment below on other tips that you think help keep you productive.