Danielle Joy's Fitness Journey

Where did my fitness journey all begin? Surprisingly enough, I did not come out of the womb doing squats and lunges. I too (like most) suffered from my addiction to food and lack of self-care. 

Today, my fitness journey is inspired by health, wellness and maintaining a happy and positive lifestyle. Although that was not always the case and my fitness journey has transformed throughout time. 

The Beginning | Peer Pressure

Peer pressure to be “perfect”.

Peer pressure to be “skinny”.

Peer pressure to be “cool”.

Was the beginning of my fitness journey. Growing up my mom always let me eat whatever I wanted. We even had a “junk drawer” filled with goodies and snacks we could grab at any time. She always noted, “Eat now, it is easy to lose baby fat but harder to lose when you get older” (and she is not wrong). 

This lifestyle led me to be 140 lbs at 13-years old. Going into school I knew that I was the chubby girl and if I wanted to be cool I would need to activate a change. I thus became a statistic that “1 in every 25 women become anorexic”. Anorexia, dieting and an addiction to working out ruled my life until I reached my goal weight of 110 lbs. 

The Middle | Addictions

I was starting a new chapter in my life, college. At this point and time, I was at my goal weight. I had started to eat again but my addictions to counting calories and working out were still a strong voice in the back of my head. I lived with the idea that calories in…I needed to burn double that. Don’t get me wrong, I went out and partied, made friends and lived the college lifestyle and dream. I just drank cups of water at parties. When people would sleep in, I would wake up early and run. When people would go out for the night, I would be the one person in the campus gym killing it at the elliptical. 

In some ways, it was the healthiest and most productive way to live in college. On the other hand, I was controlled and addicted by my workouts. 

Present Day | Maintenance, Balance and Happiness

My fitness journey has transformed over the year. I have gone through a lot of ups and downs with my weight thus affecting my mind space immensely. After reading self-help books, following blogs and other peoples journeys though I have become happy and content with my body and who I am. 

Everyone’s fitness journey and fitness goals are different. It is important to understand why you are on this journey. Is it for your health and wellbeing? Or are you trying to fit into this cookie-cutter world?