studio apartment design

After living in New York City for five years and paying an arm and leg in rent I decided to take the plunge and buy my own Studio apartment. For months I looked at apartments in Manhattan and Brooklyn, before settling on a small 325 square foot studio apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey. I was drawn to Hoboken for many reasons: cheaper taxes, closer proximity to my job in Manhattan, and more “space”. With the tiny house movement sweeping the nation I felt that I could easily live solo in a 325 square foot studio apartment and so my journey began.

When moving to a smaller space one of the most important aspects is decorating and design. With a small renovation budget, I looked to make small changes that would have a large impact.

The Before:

The studio apartment was small and the design made it appear even smaller. I know that with some fresh cans of paint and a little elbow grease I could turn this space upside down and thus I began the change.

How I Transformed My Studio Apartment

With such a small space, the number one goal was to make it appear as big as possible while still staying cost-effective. The first step was to clean up the walls with a fresh can of paint. I decided to go with a BEHR grey semi-gloss. With the bedroom and kitchen attached, I wanted to make sure that I stuck with a semi-gloss in order to have an easy cleanup while still keeping soft tones.

After painting the walls I took to the ceiling. In order to make the ceiling look higher than it was, I switched out the light fixtures and painted the fan blades white. This way the light fixtures would blend into the ceiling and appear as they were not even there.

Next was the kitchen. The cabinets were in great condition but the wood was outdated. After researching I found out about Nuvo Cabinet paint.

I did Nuvo Titanium Infusion on the upper cabinets and Nuvo Driftwood on the bottom cabinets. Painting my cabinets took me nearly double the time it took me to paint all the walls. This was because I went very slow and did multiple light coats. Nuvo had many reviews stating that it will crack so I do highly suggest that you prep the cabinets well with a cleaning/TSP substitute beforehand and taking your time on painting.

Next was designing the space. I was able to find a lot of great pieces at Marshall’s (yes, they have an online store now). My favorite splurge item was my couch, the IKEA Soderhamn Sofa, and I couldn’t be happier. The couch was low and deep making it double as a bed when friends slept over. Comment what your favorite part is and stay tuned for more blogs on my apartment, design, and real estate tips!