25 Fitness Date Ideas

In your 20s-30s dating can be quite harmful on your body from happy hour drinks to glutenous pasta nights (because that is the only meal men can cook) to Netflix and chill; if you are spending the majority of your nights going out your body will start to feel the pain. Below are 25 Fitness Date Ideas you can try with your SO.

One of the easiest ways to stay active and fit together is integrating fitness dates into your date night plans. By exercising your body stimulates endorphins (aka. The Happy Chemical). Exercising with your partner can intensify endorphins as you both work towards a physical challenge strengthening both your body and your relationship.

Try a Workout Class

Sweat it out together! Franchise gyms like SoulCycle, F45, OrangeThoery, and more are popping up across the nation. Trial a free (or discounted) class together and bond over the intense instructor. Then reward yourself with an ice cream sundae or glass of beer. Some studio ideas:

***Bonus: if you single, taking a solo workout class is also a great way to meet a potential partner.

Signup for a Fun Run Together

Most fun runs (ie. Tough Mudder, City Challenger, etc) are built on the team mentality. What better way to understand each other and grow as a couple is there than working as a team to complete a physically challenging race together?

Make it Simple, Go for a Walk

This is the easiest way to start out a fitness-based date and has a significant amount of benefits. All you need is a pair of sneakers! Walking ideas:

  • Find a hike, and challenge each other who can make it to the top first
  • Check out a farmers market
  • Find a festival in your area and walk through the different vendors
  • Discover a new part of town or the city
  • Visit a zoo and take a stroll around all of the lions, tigers, elephants oh my!
  • Stroll in the park

Fitness in Disguise

It can be intimidating for your partner (or a new date) to see you sweat. As someone that sweats a lot, I know exactly how you feel. But there are some date ideas that will work you out without making you feel it. 

  • Rent a kayak or canoe
  • Head to the beach/ocean/pool and challenge your partner to a race
  • Mini Golfing
  • Basketball (play HORSE and see who has the better arm)
  • Rock climbing
  • Yoga in the park
  • Frisbee
  • Bocce
  • Tennis

Here are just some ways to get the blood pumping, the sweat dropping and the heart growing for each other. Comment with other ways you have integrated fitness into your date nights.