5-Minute Plank Workout

In this 5-minute plank challenge, you can strengthen your core and build your abs. This all plank workout is great to tack onto a larger workout or you can double/triple it for your own 10-15 minute plank routine.

What is a Plank?

In its simplest form, a plank is when your body is perpendicular to the ground, stomach facing down, and you are elevating your torso off the ground with either your hands or elbows. The plank is popular in exercises as it is a simple way to activate your core muscles while building stability and strength throughout your entire body.

Benefits of Planks

The plank targets nearly every muscle group in your body. This means that by adding planks to your workout you will be strengthening your ENTIRE body. But planks do more than just strengthen our muscles, they even improve the strength of our entire skeletal system. Although the benefits of planks go on and on…

  • Increased muscle definition as it strengthens the muscles in your shoulders, back, abs, and legs.
  • When you increase your mass and strength, you boost your resting metabolic heart rate, which in turn creates a faster metabolism for a greater calorie burn.
  • As your abs begin to strengthen, the body becomes less reliant on the overuse and overextension of the back muscles. Your abs will now help aid the back, leading to reduced lower back pain.
  • Better balance. Stabilization exercises are key to good fitness. The isometric hold of a plank improves coordination and balance within your body.

Equipment Needed for this Challenge

Padded Mat (or towel): the majority of this workout you will be on your hands and elbows so you will want a nice cushion for you to lean on. You can checkout my favorite yoga mat here.


The 5-Minute Plank Challenge


  1. Regular Plank (balancing on your hand or elbow)
  2. Marching Plank (moving from elbows to hands)
  3. Side Plank Left
  4. Side Plank Right
  5. Shifting Front and Back (either on hands or elbows)

The above workout will be 45-seconds of work with 15-seconds rest. I suggest adding it to the end of a larger workout like my Squat and Lunge Lower Body Workout or doubling/tripling it for a full plank workout.