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Whether you are a morning person or not waking up on the weekend and getting in a workout is hard enough. Let alone trying to decide on what to do. Bring excitement and challenge to your workouts this weekend with my favorite weekend warrior workout the HIIT and Run.

If you have already gotten my Body Burner eBook then you know I love a good Weekend Warrior workout. This is a quick 15-30 minute workout that really gets the heart pumping and body burning. I believe (weather permitting) that you should mix up your workouts on the weekends by getting outside with hikes, walks in the park, partner workouts at the beach, or special challenges to keep on your toes.

One of my favorite Weekend Warrior Workouts from my ebook is my HIIT and Run. Check it out below and tag me on Instagram with your post workout glow!

The HIIT & Run | Weekend Warrior Workout

Weekend Warrior Workout

What to do:

Pick a 30-minute playlist and go for a run. Every time the song changes perform that HIIT exercise and then continue running. You will do this for the entire 30-minute playlist.

Remember to always warmup and stretch before your workouts to help prevent injury.

The HIIT Exercises

  • Air Squats x30
  • Reverse Lunges x30
  • Tricep Dips x10 (I usually position my hands on a rock for this one)
  • Jumping Jacks x30
  • High Knees x30
  • Wide Pushups x10
  • Punch Jacks x30
  • Butt Kicks x30
  • Tricep Pushups x10
  • Squat Jumps x10

Ready for a Challenge? If you finish your 30-minute playlist before finishing all of the HIIT exercises then perform the remainder of exercises to get in the full Weekend Warrior Burn.


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