Lower Body Squat and Lunge Workout

Looking for a lower body workout to sculpt and tone your thighs, lift your butt, and build strength? Then this is the workout for you!

About the Workout

Don’t forget to Warmup: Before starting this workout you will want to do a cardio warmup for 5-10 minutes to prepare your body for the workout ahead.

Circuit 1: The first circuit will be a SQUAT killer. You will start off with air squats or a goblet squat at a steady pace. Next, we will push it up a notch with in-and-out squat jumps. This is where you will really start to feel the BURN.

Circuit 2: The second circuit focuses on lunges. Similar to the previous circuit, you will want to run the first exercise, lateral lunges, nice and steady. Then we will kick it up with reverse lunge to knee raises. Try adding in a hop to the knee raise for some added cardio. You will thank me later.

Ab Reminder: Keep your abs tight throughout the whole workout and focus on good posture to get the most out of this lower body workout.


No equipment needed!

Looking for a challenge? Grab a booty band and some weights that you can integrate into the lower body workout for extra burn. Take a look at some other great home gym essentials here.


Lower Body Workout

Circuit 1 (Repeat 4-5 times)

  • Air Squats (Challenge: Goblet Squat with Dumbbell) x15
  • In-And-Out Squat Jumps x12
  • Suitcase Crunches x20
  • Glute Bridges (Challenge: Add a booty band above knees) x15

Circuit 2 (Repeat 4-5 times)

  • Lateral Lunges x16
  • Reverse Lunge to Knee Raise Right Leg (Challenge: Add a hop) x16
  • Reverse Lunge to Knee Raise Left Leg (Challenge: Add a hop) x16
  • Russian Twists x20
  • Plank Jacks (Challenge: Add a booty band above knees) x20

AMRAP Finisher (Timed for 10-minutes)

  • Skiers x16
  • Sumo Squats x16
  • Mountain Climbers x20
  • Straight Leg Sit-ups x20

Check out the YouTube below to see how to perform each exercise within the circuits.

Did you feel the burn? Comment below! I would love to hear what your favorite part of the lower body workout was your favorite.