lose your love handles

Looking to tone that mid-section and lose those love handles? One of the best ways to tone and define your body is through the core.

Why You Should Workout Your Core

Right now you are probably reading this article because you are looking to get a flatter stomach, a more defined midsection, or even a six-pack. Don’t get me wrong, a flat and defined stomach is gorgeous. Although there is so much more to core workouts than just getting that perfect body.

The core muscle plays a significant role in your everyday life. From picking up bags of groceries, getting out of bed, and walking in the park but most importantly, it helps you stand straight up.

That’s because your core muscles are the base of support for your entire body,” says Meredith McHale, P.T., D.P.T., regional clinical director at Professional Physical Therapy. The core muscles completely surround and support your spine and pelvis and connect your upper body and lower body, effectively transferring forces from one to the other. With a strong core, you can help reduce the risk of injury, especially lower-back injuries.

Now that we talked through why it is important to workout your core, let’s get to the workouts!

The Core Workouts

One myth about abdominal workouts is that your need to do 100s of reps. However, your abs are like any other muscle in your body. To strengthen your abs you will want to follow the same principle.

Checkout the below videos to see some abdominal exercises that your can try today to lose your love handles and tone your core.


8 Minute Ab Workout – Follow Along


  • Heel Taps
  • Crunches
  • Froggy Situps
  • Plank Knee to Elbows
  • Suitcase Crunches
  • Dish Tuck Pulses
  • Russian Twist
  • Plank

45 seconds of work // 15 seconds rest for each

How to Lose Your Love Handles – 6 Oblique Exercises You Should Be Doing


  • Russian Twist
  • Bicycle
  • Sit-up to Twist
  • Side Plank
  • Side Plank Dip
  • Spiderman

The above workouts are great to start building your core muscles. I suggest adding these exercises to the end of a workout. Try adding it on to this Lower Body Workout.