Body Burner Fitness eBook

Hey girls! I am soooo happy to announce that this June 1, 2020, I will be releasing the first-ever Body Burner 6-week Fitness ebook. (UPDATE: You can now purchase the ebook here!)

Burn fat. Build muscle. Become active.

Just being on this blog post today means that you are looking into how to become more active, healthy, and fit. Maybe this is your first time here or maybe you have been here before but together we are going to help you get fit and stay healthy. The best part yet, you can do this all in the comfort of your own home!

What can I expect in this 6-week plan?

Every week you will have 4 workouts:

  • Superset Strength
  • Metabolic Booster
  • Body Burner
  • Weekend Warrior

Each workout is targeted to shed fat, tone muscles, and get you fit in under 40 minutes. Week over week, you will see that the intensity and difficulty will increase as you challenge yourself with new exercises, supersets, and additional circuits.

The best part, you will not be on this journey alone. As part of this ebook, you will have a lifetime membership to my private Facebook group where you will have a community of other women looking to instill a positive change in their lives through health and fitness.

What’s Included in the fitness ebook?

  • 4 weekly 30-40 minute workouts
  • Fitness tracking to help you see how you progress over time
  • Convenient PDF download and easy-to-follow photo demonstrations of every exercise

Next Steps

UPDATE: You can now purchase my 6-week Body Burner workout here.

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I look forward to working out together!